Our last Only in Korea video showed what Korean pizza is like at Mr. Pizza. It was pretty strange and different than anything we have seen before in the states. This time we went to GS25, a popular convenience store chain, to try some of their fine dining! Yes, there is such a thing as convenience store dining.

Most convenience stores have a wide variety of foods that you can pick and chose from. Of course there is ramen, or ramyeon (however you spell it) in about a million different flavors. Ever since our super poor college days, we have loved and eaten ramen almost everyday. Korean ramen is either spicy or fishy, however, and nothing like the stuff back home. There is prepackaged kimchi, sausages, hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, and dried squid! Once you have made your purchases, head outside to their ‘dining room’, which is just a bunch of folding plastic tables and chairs with shade umbrellas.

Everyday we see groups of people lounging in the plastic furniture having snacks or full fledged meals. At night, the older people camp out at these tables using, it as a sort of impromptu bar and slowly covering the tabletop with a myriad of soju and makgeolli bottles. We decided to buy a bunch of random food, some of which we had no idea what it was, and do as the locals do! We had a lot of fun shooting the video for this, so we hope that you enjoy it. We almost made ourselves sick from the conglomeration of crap we ingested for the sake of this segment.