Let’s go to… Multi Space Cafe!

During our time in Korea we have enjoyed many of the strange “rooms” that are available. There are PC rooms, DVD rooms, and singing rooms ( Noraebangs) that give patrons the opportunity to utilize equipment, games, and spaces that they do not have at home. In this installment of Let’s go to… we explore a Multi Space Cafe that has many of these features rolled into one. There is a computer for gaming and surfing the web along with a Nintendo Wii and many board games for you to use at a cheap, flat, hourly rate. We had a great time competing against each other and making a video to show off yet a unique Korean business that provides endless entertainment.

Korean Multi Rooms

We started off with Wii bowling and tennis. Ryan is proficient at all Wii games, so after a thorough thrashing, we moved on to something that was more suited to Stephanie’s expertise: Wii K-Pop dancing. As you can see in the video, we danced to a few popular Korean songs and Ryan made a fool of himself, allowing Stephanie a chance to tie the series. Ryan danced to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and Stephanie chose Lee Hi’s “1234.” Although Ryan’s arms were too long to really let loose and fully dominate this competition, he tried his best. After the dancing, we played Mario Kart for a few races to round out our full time and conclude our friendly competition.

In the end, Ryan won the Wii sports games and the Wii Mario Kart racing games while Stephanie gracefully demolished at the dancing game. Ryan – 2, Stephanie – 1.

We really had a terrific time playing games and enjoying this crazy, yet wonderful Korean establishment. They provided free endless beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and fruit water. They also had an ice cream bar with every type of topping you could hope for, as well as toast with butter and jellies. This Multispace cafe is near our apartment and we will definitely be returning for an afternoon or evening of gaming enjoyment when the weather is too adverse to really enjoy being outside.





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