As you may know, we have moved from our teaching positions in Seoul to the smaller, coastal town of Yeosu, South Korea. We loved living in the big city, however we definitely missed having more space and nature at our immediate disposal. Teaching jobs in the south Jeollanamdo province are hands down the best in the country and we were fortunate enough to get placed in the Jeollanamdo Language Program in public schools.

We are not only upgrading jobs, but also our living arrangements. Seoul is an expensive city to live in and therefore most schools will place you in small studio apartments, even if you are a couple. In the smaller cities and rural towns, you can get much larger living arrangements and the added space really does a lot to improve your overall comfort of living in a new and foreign country. We are beyond excited to be getting a new apartment, and this time we are upgrading from studio to a one bedroom!

Our apartment may still be on the smaller side than what you might be used to back home, but having a separate bedroom in Korea is an absolute luxury! We have the added benefit of also getting a newly built place, so everything is clean, new, and in working order. The JLP program gives couples larger places and higher rent allowances than single people so from now on we will feel like we are living pretty large!

Also, here is a sneak peek of our beautiful city! We will be posting more photos later this week, so be sure to stay tuned!


Yeosu City Guide // Angel Alley // South Korea