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While we have already described the beautiful resort and relaxing comforts to be found on Koh Mook in our previous post, we also spent time exploring the island and all it has to offer. From Charlie Beach Resort there are numerous opportunities for those wanting a change in scenery.

Although improbable, we will assume that it could be possible to grow tired of Koh Mook’s beautiful beaches, views, and clear waters or Charlie Beach’s terrific pool and ample shaded lounge chairs. If this scenario was true, fear not! Being an island in southern Thailand, Koh Mook also hosts spectacular rock faces and a slew of nooks and crannies for kayak exploration. Check out our quick guide to the island and the Charlie Beach Resort!

Koh Mook

KOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET

Koh Mook is a small island off the west coast of Trang. Since it is so far south from the main islands and beaches that most tourists and gapyears flock to, it is relatively quiet save for a few European families and older couples. Mostly fisherman and their families inhabit the island in stilted huts over the water but there are also a few resorts and beach huts to be found as well.

Charlie Beach Resort

KOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET

On the west side of Koh Mook, facing the sunset, we found ourselves at the beautiful Charlie Beach Resort. After being taken to our private hut, we explored the property a bit and dove into the warm ocean water after a long day of bumpy bus/boat rides. Later on, to escape the vicious sun, we lounged by the pool and swam up to the pool bar for cold drinks. When booking this resort online we thought that we’d really love the beach and forego the actual resort, but the whole place was incredible. We lounged on our hut’s front porch and read during the hottest parts of the day’s heat. The pool was always a cool respite, and the multiple bars throughout the resort meant that living the beach resort cliche was as convenient as it was relaxing.


KOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET

We spent three days and two nights at the Charlie Beach Resort and the huts were only $30/night! This included private beach access as well as free buffet style breakfast every single morning. There are other hut options available for more money. The huts we were in are the cheapest option as they are simple thatch roofed and have only a stand fan to cool you down. The other places were stucco walled and had actual air conditioner, but the prices were a lot higher.

Things to do



The Charlie Beach Resort offers free kayak rentals to all guests. The surrounding bay waters are a perfect place to get out and explore the amazing limestone rock cliffs. There are a few hidden beaches around the island where you can stop and rest before continuing your journey.

Emerald Cave

KOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET

Koh Mook is famous for the hidden Morakot Cave (Emerald Cave). You can kayak to the mouth of the cave and inside into the darkness. At the other side of the 70 m cave it opens up to a small hidden white sandy beach. There are tour groups that explore the caves every morning around 8 – 9 am so you can use one of Charlie Beach Resort’s free kayaks and head out early to beat the groups. Don’t do what we did and forget your head lamps though! It is extremely dark and narrow inside and you don’t want to be without a torch.

Koh Kradan

KOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET

If you’re looking for something in the area with less people, secluded swimming, and shaded relaxation, we suggest you look to the island just a 10 minute ferry ride away, Koh Kradan.  The beaches on both Koh Mook and Koh Kradan were pretty amazing, but Koh Kradan offers the better snorkeling between the two. Plus the sandy beach here stretches on for miles.

Want to see more photos?! Be sure to check out our IN FOCUS post and see Koh Mook in all its beauty!

SignatureKOH MOOK // Thailand's best kept SECRET


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