Korean Noms – Army Soup (Budaejjigae – 부대찌개)

Korea absolutely has an amazing food culture of which we rarely grow tired. After living here long enough, though, we’ve experience some  dining options available in South Korea that aren’t necessarily as popular among tourists or foreigners living here. Some of these strange dishes are understandably unpopular to the foreign palate, but some have started to surprise us in their quirky genius. One dish in particular has grabbed our apprehension by the throat and throttled it into blissful submission. Translated into Army Soup or Troop Stew; budaejjigae (부대찌개), is a mix of ingredients that seems unnatural – and that might still be true. But, in all unabashed honesty, it’s quite good. While there is a conflicting history surrounding this soup, few people would disagree that it originated during the Korean civil war and involved well rationed US Army troops sharing or selling their leftovers with Korean infantry. In typical Korean soup invention fashion, everything just went into the pot and melded together.

Apart from Korean cuisine, we also love food delivery culture in Korea and the prevalence of scooters flashing around as they fill orders. To make things even easier, South Korean app companies have done an amazing job of taking the daunting phone-order-language-barrier out of the equation with pictures and top 10 lists for many restaurants. For foreigners with minimal understanding of Korean language, this can be a lifesaver. While wanting to show off Army Soup (budaejjigae) in all of its quirky glory, we also thought we’d share how to use one of Korea’s most popular food deliver apps, Yogiyo!

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