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Bali is, arguably, Indonesia's most iconic and beautiful island. With beautiful beaches and and lush forests, it's no small wonder that so many people dream of visiting Bali and Ubud is easily one of the island's top destinations. Located a little over an hour away from Denpasar Airport in the central mountains, Ubud is equal parts city and nature, blending the surroundings in with Indonesian culture in a perfectly relaxing, yet exciting, experience. Many people come to explore markets and temples but we spent one day at the wonderful Monkey Sanctuary Forest where we shot a little bit of video between taking pictures,  sweating profusely, and interacting with the primates. 

The Monkey Forest // Ubud

Stephanie famously hates monkeys but she is typically willing to entertain my whims. Not only filled with macaque monkeys, this Hindu holy site contains many relics of bygone temples and some that remain in use today. Visually stunning and with endless entertainment in watching little hairy bandits, we knew that we could easily fill a day. Once inside, we were careful to secure all of our belongings and monkey-proof ourselves and cautiously began filming. There were some funny moments, some scary ones (for Stephanie), and a lot of hesitant ones where we weren't sure if we should retreat or just remain calm.  Monkeys climbed us, rifled through our pockets, and shook our hands. Stephanie was definitely more cautious, but she even interacted and touched one of the babies.

Shooting video at the Monkey Forest was a lot of fun and certainly challenging. We've described this monkey sanctuary in length for our In Focus post (FOUND HERE), so head over there for more pictures and storytelling. If you enjoyed the video, please let us know in the comment section at the bottom. Enjoy a few pictures from the forest and let us know what you think!

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