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Food is a special thing that combines essential with exciting. Necessities, like a clean pair of underwear, aren’t exactly the most exciting thing of your day. But food, can and should be. Where am I going on this rambling introduction, you ask? I like to eat food and Korea’s got food in spades. While we have featured several of our favorite foods in South Korea, we wanted to make a video about Korean Chinese food. Probably the most common delivery food, this fusion of traditional Chinese dishes with Korean ingredients and palates has created a unique category of food that is better than it looks. As thick and “acquired” as it looks, though, we fell in shameful love the first time we tried it.

On the surface, most take-out is fried and unhealthy but…well, that’s exactly what it is. To show off some of our favorite Chinese food options in Korea, we ordered jjajangmyeon (black noodles), japchae (glass noodles with meat and veggies), and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour fried pork). There really aren’t healthier options on a Korean Chinese menu, but we did get service (free) soup on the side which could be mistaken for healthy. Keep in mind, we don’t typically eat gluttonous amounts unhealthy food on a regular basis, but we absolutely do every time we order Chinese delivery. We buy sets that are too large expecting to have left-overs later, but often just finish it all off in a miserable haze of sauces and batter. To make matters worse even better, they send even more service treats in the form of dumplings and desserts if you order enough food. We always order enough food…

Korean Chinese Take Out Food

I realize that some of this food doesn’t translate well into video, but it is very very good for what you’d expect from a meal carried on the back of a scooter in a short amount of time to your door in real dinner plates and bowls. We avoided jjajangmyeon for the longest time for its appearance, but we were hooked after we tried it the first time with a friend in Seoul. We still are not huge fans of the spicy red mystery soups, though. Overall, Korean Chinese food is a far cry from the foods Chinese immigrants to Korea were attempting to recreate. That being said: it’s really very good if you’re allowing yourself a skip day from your diet, or didn’t have one to begin with.

SignatureKorean Chinese Take Out Food

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