5 Year Anniversary Vlog!

Our weekly vlog has been picking up some steam as we have now been at it for 2 months! Being responsible for filming, editing, and producing a video every week has been seriously rewarding and at times, stressful. If you haven’t tuned in yet, be sure to head over to our YouTube channel so you can catch up!

In other big news, this past weekend marked a pretty big milestone for us… Our FIVE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! How crazy is that?! We wanted to do something a little more special instead of the traditional gifts that are customary. I mean, really. Who wants an important milestone like five years marked by the traditional gift of silverware? No judgements if the answer to that question is you. Instead, we opted to celebrate the Korean way, by donning matching outfits and parading them around town for everyone to see and admire. 

Hope you enjoy!

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