It’s never an enjoyable experience to leave a country that you love. We’ve left Taiwan twice now and it’s been difficult both times. Each of these adventures to Formosa have been wonderful and exciting,  but for different reasons. While our first visit was a whirlwind of sights, sounds, lights, and tastes, our second was a more relaxed, focused journey. We’ve grown since our first trip in 2013, and we know a bit more about ourselves. While weather permitted our departure from Taipei Proper and the nearby areas, we enjoyed this trip on a very different level than we’d enjoyed our first arrival. Since 2013 we’ve grown personally, spiritually, existentially, and (in a marginal way) photographically. With our shift in perspective, we were more than excited to re-visit Taiwan and see/do things we were previously too afraid to attempt.

Taiwan: In Focus

This trip was wonderful for many reasons. Like our Japan trip earlier this year, we were lucky enough to re-visit a place we felt we’d not yet spent enough time. With newly opened eyes and a thirst to a culture that continued to call to us from abroad, we returned to beautiful Taiwan without hesitation or apprehension. Taiwan is a mesmerizing country that we’re happy to have had the chance to revisit!

While we get around to organizing all our photos and video, enjoy some of our favorite snaps from Taiwan!

Also, check out our vlog below where we featured some highlights from the trip!