Modern Toilet’s Crappy Food: A Review

There is little surprise that we love to explore the strangely exotic and downright weird while traveling abroad. On our most recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan, we satisfied both our sweet tooth and our insatiable appetite for the taboo by visiting Modern Toilet- a toilet themed restaurant.

Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review

In this whimsical and hilarious restaurant, we enjoyed “all things poop” in the most ridiculous ways possible. This toilet themed novelty restaurant and cafe was both fun and delicious, and if the photo’s don’t convince you, the video will. So let’s get straight to it- Modern Toilet’s Crappy Food: A Review.

Our Food

Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review
Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review

Pork Cutlet

Stephanie ordered the pork cutlet. Cutlets are pretty common in both Korea and Japan, so we know our ‘tonkatsu.’ Modern Toilet’s version was just okay for us. The sauce and flavor were underwhelming, but the cutlet itself does look good in a toilet.

Green Curry

Ryan ordered the green curry, for obvious reasons. What else could possibly look more like it belonged in a toilet? Also, green curries are another one of our personal favorites. Modern Toilet’s take was pretty decent with good flavor and spice.

Chocolate Ice Cream

This charming little swirl of brown gloop comes in a typical Asian style squatter toilet. It is a soft serve chocolate flavor, and no, you do not get a choice. It is fairly typical ice cream, but pretty fun to pose with!


Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review
Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review


The music in Modern Toilet was a real downer to be honest. The playlist consisted of famous American hits throughout the decades, which was nice. However, the volume must have been at the maximum level. As soon as we stepped inside, we had to shout just to hear each other, and so did everyone else. The result was a cacophony of noise that I just wanted to escape from. The only time we could properly film any speaking portions of our video was when there was a ten second break between the songs.


The interior was hilarious. As you entered, you immediately see toilet signs and are shown to your table which has real toilets for chairs. The center of the table is held up by sinks with little brown turds visible through the glass tabletop. All the food is thoughtfully crafted and designed to be as crappy looking as possible and every thing comes in some bathroom themed dinnerware. Even the bathrooms themselves are funny with a large red mouth as the urinal. You can also purchase a variety of humorous toilet souvenirs.


Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review
Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review

In order to prevent people from using the restaurant as a quick and funny photo op, they have implemented a rule where each person must spend at least 90 NTD. This is less than $3 USD, so it really won’t break your bank if you just want to pop in a grab a quick ice cream or to go urinal drink.

Most of the entrée dishes are priced between 260 NTD for the curry dishes all the way to 580 NTD for steak (that’s right, STEAK!). You do not have to break to bank to catch a meal here. To see the menu in more detail, be sure to check out the video below!

A nice little add on that Modern Toilet does for every purchase of a meal is to give a free drink and ice cream dessert. There is a catch, however. The drink must be green tea, not our favorite, and the ice cream only comes in chocolate, for obvious reasons; Ryan also hates chocolate (he is human, I’ve checked).


Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review

The service at Modern Toilet was actually quite nice. All of the staff was really personable and pleasant to the guests. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted in unison by three of the staff members who had big smiles on their faces. You could tell they really did find their job to be entertaining and fun and they would laugh and joke around openly about all the toilet humor in the restaurant. Stephanie was even pranked by one girl who told her to look inside a tiny toilet she was carrying. It promptly sprayed her in the face and was hilarious. This kind of service and attitude seemed to be prominent in most people in Taiwan. They are just extremely friendly people who will strike up conversation with you on a whim.

Overall Thoughts

Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review

Modern Toilet was a fun experience and we had a blast laughing at all the crazy stuff inside. We would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for something a bit off the wall than your typical tourist hot spots. Asia is filled with zany and whimsical themed places like Modern Toilet, and it is worth having a place like this on your list.

The best time to go to Modern Toilet is just after the lunch rush and before dinner. You should also make a reservation online HERE just in case they are busy. You must be sure to make the reservation at least 24 hours in advance, however. We made our reservation for 2pm, and the place wasn’t completely packed, but it certainly wasn’t empty.

Our Rating:

Modern Toilet's Crappy Food: A Review


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