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Ryan and Stephanie met during college back in 2008 in the small college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. They quickly fell in love, moved in together, adopted a few pets, and eventually got married in 2011. After graduating college, they decided to sell all of their belongings and move abroad in 2013. After packing up all of their things, they headed to Seoul, South Korea to teach English. In recent years, they’ve moved to the southern coast of South Korea and spend most of their free time traveling and looking for new experiences.

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The Hedgers



Ryan is the photographer on Hedgers Abroad. He was accepted to the photography school in Chicago but decided last minute to stay in Oklahoma to be with Stephanie. He majored in English Literature instead and is now the author behind many of the posts on the blog!


Stephanie is the creative eye behind Hedgers Abroad. She designs most of the web design as well as the all of the visual elements. She is also the video editor for the Hedgers Abroad YouTube Channel!
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