We have had many experiences in Korea, but this one was probably the most bizarre. After a battle with allergies and contact lens rejection, I was given the green light to go ahead with the LASIK surgery I’ve longed for since childhood. With the recommendations of fellow English teachers and some of my co-teachers, we made an appointment with an eye hospital in Gwangju.

I was more than a little nervous about the procedure, but knew the reward would be priceless. The surgery, although extremely awkward and uncomfortable, went well and my vision was restored to 20/20 for the first time since I had a single digit age. All in all this was an excellent experience that I am happy to have gone through for such a wonderful gift. For anyone else who has been through this procedure, you know how incredible it is to regain something lost long ago. If you have any questions about my experience or having it done in Korea, send us an email and we will be happy to help answer your questions.

UPDATE – After receiving questions about the process, I’m linking additional info in a Google Doc for people wanting more details. To view, click HERE