We finally did it, we both finally got a Korea tattoo! Some of you already knew that we have been talking about doing this for quite some time, but for the rest of you, SURPRISE! Before we even moved to Korea, we knew we would probably end up getting tattoos as a way of memorializing our time spent abroad.


Our tattoo artist

We have been thinking about the design and the placement for a long time and finally we made up our minds. We were over the moon to finally get an appointment with the artist Nadi who is becoming renowned for her incredible ink pen style art. She is one of the most famous artists among many of the foreigners in Korea as her designs are just so unique and beautiful. Be sure to check out her Instagram page to see more of her tattoos!


The meaning of our tattoos

Though we really love our tattoos, it was important for us to put them in a place that could easily be covered for school and what not. So, face and neck tattoos were out of the picture. I got mine done on my upper thigh and Ryan chose his upper arm. We already have tattoos, but they too are easily covered. My design was inspired by the amazingly beautiful spring flowers in Korea and the arrow has always been a part of the Hedgers Abroad logo. Ryan’s is designed after Korean folk art and it depicts the white tiger and 달마 대사 (Bodhidharma), also affectionately referred to as “grumpy man.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get in contact with an artist?

If you are interested in getting a Korea tattoo, you can check out the Inked in Korea page here for more information about different artists and to get an appointment booked. Chelsea, the admin of the group, works with various tattoo artists all over Korea and she can set you up an appointment! She is a great person to know to help you communicate everything you want to your desired artist. Be sure to check out the albums she has uploaded to the group to see the different artists she works with.


2. How much did you pay?

Unfortunately, this question is a difficult one for us to answer for a few reasons. Different artists charge different prices, they may increase their prices over time, the size/color/design of the tattoo, even the tattoo studio location can all vary the price. Studios usually have a base price they will charge you for their time, no matter how small the tattoo. Expect anywhere from 50,000 won for small tattoos to upwards of 1,000,000 won for large scale pieces. Remember, you get what you pay for. We will not be able to give you a quote as it will be dependent on the variables listed above. Therefore, get in contact with Chelsea from Inked Korea and the artist to ask how much they charge before deciding to get yours. They will work with you on the size and style and be able to quote you a price!

3. How far out do I book an appointment?

Artists need to be booked in advance, plain and simple. Most places can get you an appointment in a week or two, and you can easily get this information by contacting Chelsea using our link above. When it comes to booking Nadi, the artist that did our tattoos, you can expect to need to book anywhere between a month or two months in advance. She is the most popular artist in Korea right now and last minute appointments are next to impossible, unfortunately.

4. How long did you tattoos take?

We spent an entire day at the studio planning the design, playing with the final sketch size, and getting tattooed. Stephanie’s tattoo took 5 hours with outlining and coloring, while Ryan’s tattoo took 4 as their was no coloring done to his. We got to the studio around lunchtime, and left nearly thirteen hours later. We took breaks for the pain and for food, but we powered through as much as we could. We made a return appointment with her for touching up the tattoos a couple of months later, to make sure the ink had stayed put and that everyone was happy with the final result.


If you have any other questions, be sure to let us know!


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