• I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma where everyone knew each other.

  • I graduated with a degree in Interior Merchandising and am in no way using it.

  • I clean up nice, but would much rather be hiking and getting dirty.

  • I cannot function without coffee.

  • I design most of the visual elements including photo editing and our blog design.

  • I am the video editor of the Hedgers Abroad YouTube Channel.

  • I grew up in the “booming” metropolis of Pryor Creek, Oklahoma.

  • I love fishing, hunting, hiking, and any other activity in the great outdoors.

  • I am really tall. 6’6″ to be exact. And don’t ask me if I play basketball. No, I do not!

  • I was accepted into photography school, but decided last minute to stay in Oklahoma to be with Stephanie.

  • I then majored in English literature and now I write most of the posts for our blog.

  • I still really enjoy photography and most of the photos on the blog are mine.

We met in 2008 while both attending college at Oklahoma State University. We quickly realized that we were better together than apart and have spent nearly every minute since our first date side-by-side. Ryan still had a couple of years left to finish when I graduated, so we moved in together and never looked back. We finally tied the knot after being together for three years, much to the relief of our family members.

However, we knew that our adventures together were only just beginning. Scared of jumping into careers and families like many newly weds, we instead decided to find a way to travel the world. In December 2012, Ryan graduated from college and two months later we landed in Seoul. Ever since then we have been traveling around Korea and Asia and sharing our travels here on Hedgers Abroad.